Had a nice Skype call with Sherri.  It’s been a busy, busy, momentous week!  But I digress… Items we discussed are:
What are some trends in your field?
Sherri has been quite observant about her field and some of the new trends involved in it, which tend to include the idea of constant interaction with the client as well as the idea that the family is almost always involved in events together these days in Adventure Travel.  Gone are the days when it was more routine to see a family split up, they tend to want to do activities together now.  Sometimes, this can mean that parents will become a bit lax in their parenting duties, but this is usually fairly easy to rectify with a brief reminder that these duties never tend to get a break!
What are some trends in adult education?
We both talked about how while video may be the ideal teaching method for distance education, personal interaction with a small group is most likely the ideal method for education in general, if possible.  As an example, I discussed a PBL group in one of my undergraduate classes at UBC, where each member had a responsibility to learn a section of the problem, then return to teach it to the rest of the group.  We also were in agreement that the ability/opportunity to teach something to others was one of the best benchmarks for whether the topic has actually been adequately learned.
How will your roles and responsibilities change as you take on more teaching or
training responsibilities in the future?
Both of us see teaching/training in our fields as potential replacement or supplemental areas in our lives, which may necessitate us to give up some or all of our current work to pursue the new work in education, but we will both have to assess that aspect of things if and when the teaching opportunities present.

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